We unloaded and connected, water, sewer, electric and cable TV and we were
set up.  Put two lawn chairs out and we have now truly begun our 6 month
Here at Bay Pines they have a laundry facility, which I used, swimming pool,
which was too cold and the Jacuzzi, which we used tonight.  The water was hot
and relaxing.  We spent 30 minutes just relaxing.  It was fun because we were the
only ones in the Jacuzzi.  Hopefully tomorrow we will be the only ones.    After the
Jacuzzi we came back to the motor home and watched the Yankees win game 3.

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Of course, Danny backed this 30 foot motor home right in
and we have plenty of room to park the car.
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Danny and Lynda's
Journal of our Travels beginning
Sunday, Nov. 1, 2009 – The day is
finally here and we are leaving our
comfort zone as camp hosts here at
Morro Bay State Park, Ca.  We packed
up the last minutes things Sat. night
including our screen tent.  Wow, I
thought we had packed almost
everything but we worked most of Sat.
finishing up.  Wonder if we still have
too much stuff.
We pulled out of the State Park
about 9:00am – it helped that daylight
savings time changed Nov. 1.  We honked
and waved goodbye to our fellow camp
hosts, Terry  and Karen, and headed for
“THE ROCK”.  First we stopped at
McDonalds and got a couple of free
breakfast sandwiches and Danny got  his
pancakes.  We ate there and then The
Rock was our next stop.  Not too many
people that early in the morning and we
parked so that we had the full 180 degree
view.  We opened all the windows and
enjoyed the view, the breeze, and the
sound of the ocean.  We watched surfers,
people, and the waves.  Lunch time came
and it was easy to make sandwiches for
lunch and eat while still watching the
people.  We did see some people that
grabbed our attention and they stayed  in
our view for the whole time we were parked
at the rock.
Lunch is over and wow it is now almost
2pm and time to leave for BAY PINES
RESORT, right here in Morro Bay.  We
checked in, got our site, #88, right in
the front.
To the left is
Our Group shot from a we
have Terry, Karren, Ted. On the
Right is, Danny, Lynda and Mimi.