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Danny & Lynda  
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We have been camphosts in some the
Flintstones Amusement Park in Custer,
South Dakota.
Trees in Las Vegas, Nevada

Every Fall from Sept to January we are
the Manages of a Pumpkin Lot and a
Christmas Tree Lot in Thousand Oaks,

Our home page that you can visit is.  
We enjoy camp hosting.
throughout the United
RV. We seek new
experiences and we try
to make everyone's stay
an enjoyable one.

If anyone wants to
contact us and share
their camping
experiences, we would
love to hear from you.
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Many people wonder we are camp hosts and why would we move from a 3 bedroom/2 bath
home to a motor Home?  

Honestly, being a camp host is not for everyone.  Can you give up your stuff that you have
acquired over the years?  
Can you enjoy living in 30x8 feet space?  Do you enjoy the ocean, birds, sea life, deer, bear,
elk, and the smell of clean fresh air?  If not, this truly is not for you.

I don't miss any of the material things I had - I do miss the family,  but we are able to visit
them every few months, and we talk on the phone or email.  
Thank goodness for technology!

Life is way too short to ignore what you want to do and enjoy.  
We  enjoy meeting people from all over the world. Campers are, most of the time, exciting
people who love the outdoor life and nature at its best.  
We wake up every morning to the sounds of birds, the ocean and a little wind blowing through
the trees.  When we were at East Fork Campground above Bishop, Calif.  we felt we could
reach up and touch the stars.  

This way of life is relaxing and exciting.  You do have to  like the person you are with because  
the two of you will be spending many hours alone together.    

Being a camp host couple is a dream way of life although it is not for everyone.
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Our camphosting
We have been camphosting  
several years and we intend to
keep this lifestyle for as long as
we can.
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About Our Life as a
camphosting couple
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camp host before) j in the future.  Well, as things have been with us, we found a motor home in June and we bought

It was a 1992 34ft Bounder.  We loved it.  We then decided since it was late in the season maybe we should apply
for a camp host job for 2008.  Well, low and behold, we got a call from Doug at East Fort Camp Ground north of
Bishop. I had never been there or in that area before. Doug asked  if we wanted the job, we said we needed to think
about it, because he wanted us “yesterday”.  We talked all night about the pros and cons of taking the job and the
next day we called Doug and told him we would take it, and we would be available 11 July.  I went in to work that
morning  and gave my 2 week  notice and I retired on July 5th.  We packed up the motor home Friday and Sat. and
½ of the day Sunday and at 3pm on Sunday we left for places unknown!!!!!

Stephanie and Brian, Rileigh and Beau  are living in the house.  That made it much easier for me to leave.  Having
someone to live in your house that will take care of it like you did.  We just didn’t want to sell the house, in case we
didn’t like our choice, or when we get done with our travels, we will still have a home to go to.
Now March 7th 2008
Wow!! As luck would have it we were headed from Carpenteria to Pismo Beach on Hiway 101.  
We had  traveled about 45 minutes at about 60 MPH then
WHAM!!      The engine made a little clatter and just died. We pulled on to an off ramp that just happened to
be right where the coach died  and there we were STOPPED.  A CHP officer pulled up behind us just as Danny was
calling a tow truck.  We had to be towed to a tow yard in Carpenteria , where today our motor home sits with a
frozen motor.The estimate we got to fix the coach was  $20,000.00, that was more than the motor home cost us.  
What will we do?  MMMM Who knows, we are thinking and thinking.  
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