In this cookbook you will find stories of my family's life and the comfort food.
To the right you can see a photo of a portion of my family in 2007. Missing
from the photo is our sister Carla from Wyoming, and our one and only
brother, Danny  from Fresno and most especially our mom,  Margie,  to whom
I dedicate this book.

When Mom and Dad were young they owned a cafe in South Dakota.  I  loved
to listen to mom  tell the stories of who came in the cafe, and all the fun things
that happened.  It always seemed that it was a very active and happy place to
be.  I know that mom and dad worked very hard every day as well as Grandma
Lil who did the cooking.  

Grandma Lil was a professional cook for over 50 years.  She loved to cook.  
Every summer when our family would go to South Dakota for vacation,  some
of us grandkids would get to go with grandma when she cooked lunch for
rotary.  As I remember it was in the auditorium and the kitchen was huge with
big pots and pans and tables to work at.  We never really thought it was work,
we just enjoyed helping Grandma Lil.  She was a great cook and as I
remember  everything always tasted so good, no matter what she cooked.

On the following pages I plan to give you some family recipes and many
stories.  I am so lucky because I am the oldest and there was lots of things
that happened that I remember that the other kids were too young to

Hope you enjoy the recipes, they have been proven to be very good, and
maybe some of the stories will bring a smile to your face or even make you
remember something from your growing up years that you had put in the back
of your mind.

Enjoy my stories and the family recipes.

Dad, thank you and mom for everything.  The lessons of life,  the fun days and
even those times I got in trouble growing up and  most especially our  family
life. It WAS THE BEST.

Thank you Patsy, Carla, Donna and Danny for being the best sisters and
brother to grow up with.  You will always be the Frosting on the Cake.
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