Thursday, April 19, 2012

Moving Day, leaving Tulare at 6 am and heading north.
Our first stop was 135 in the Turlock Rest area where we had a bowl of cereal and 2 pieces
of turkey bacon.
Then we drove on to the north though Sacramento then we drove though Woodland.  
Lynda saw a Costco store from the freeway ( interstate 5) and we took the off ramp. We saw
an In and Out Burger. We pulled the Motor Home into the parking lot and parked sideways
and walked over to eat a burger meal. $9.02
After eating lunch we drove the RV into the Costco gas station. We put in 25.25 Gallons. We
spent $100.00, at $3.95 per gallon.

Then we proceed north to another truck stop just outside of Red Bluff. We spent 2 hours
there, just resting and we had a snack and a cold drink.

We looked on the computer at the map to find where the RV Park is, just 10 more miles and
we arrived at Red Bluff to spend the night in Driftwood RV Park.

When we finally arrived I got out of the RV and started to unhook the car from the hitch and I
said to Lynda we got big trouble cause I noticed the hitch was ducked down and it had
broken loose on both sides and was barely hanging on. It only had one inch holding it on
both sides.

We parked the RV in a campsite and the manager Jen came by to collect the $20.00 for the
fee for the night. In a few minutes another lady came by and she said she was Jenifer as well
and she was the owner of the park and she also use to be a camp host.
We talked and she said she rode Harley motor cycles.
I told her what happened to the hitch and she got right down on the grown with me to look
at the damage.
A short time later I got my fishing pole and started fishing in the Sacramento River and
Jenifer came back and said she called someone to look at the hitch and he was a welder by
trade and he would be here shortly to look at it. We said thank you and that would be fine.

In a little while Jenifer brought Jeff the welder over to give us a quote. He looked at the
hitch and said he could fix that just like brand new. I ask how much and he ask me how much
would I pay. I told him I had $100.00 in my pocket and he said that would be fine. So we
agreed for him to come in the morning between 8 and 9 am.  

At 9
am, I unplugged everything from the coach and we moved the coach from the bottom of
the campground to the top of the campground where there was a slab of cement so Jeff,  
the welder could weld the hitch. He and his helper worked on the hitch for 4 hours.

He told me if I did not mind waiting he had another hitch at his house, He said he would send
his helper to go get it and he would not even charge anything extra for it. It was a more
heavy duty hitch and it had thicker metal. He also put 6 new bolts, washers, and tight nuts.
He sent me to the hardware to buy the nuts, bolts and washers, they were the real extra
heavy duty bolts and they cost $16.74.
In a couple of hours his helper came back with the other hitch.
He welded metal support pieces to each side. I don’t think it will ever come loose again.
Finally he got the hitch finished at 3 pm and I handed him two $50.00 bills as our agreed on
the price of $100.00 and I pulled the coach back to the bottom portion of the RV Park down
by the Sacramento River again

Saturday, April 21, 2012

We spent one more night there and at 8 am the next morning we pulled out and headed East
on highway 36.    
We got to Chester about 1 pm.
We stopped the Motor Home on side of the rode and walked across the street to a Mexican
Lynda had a Chimichunga and I had a tamale & enchilada, we both had rice and beans. We
both had to have a to go bag. That was also our dinner at about 6 pm.
Then we drove on through the town of Chester and across the Causeway.
Wow we arrived at the North Shore Campground at
Lake Almanor 90 miles East of where we were this morning.

We got to the
North Shore Campground at Lake Almanor about 3 pm. We met Angie our
manager just as we were driving into the park. She was waiving and waiving. She was very
glad to see us.    

She took us back to where her husband Tim was. We also met Claudia, another worker, then
she and Tim walked us back to where our RV site.
Lynda and Angie took off by themselves so Angie could show Lynda the park and what she
would be doing.
Meanwhile Tim took me into a shop and showed me some boats and we got on a golf cart
and he took me a ride around the campground to show me my route I would be taking twice
a night as my job is a security guard.
After the introductions I got into the RV and drove it back to our site. I unhooked the car and
backed the Motor home into our spot, without any help.

    Now we are officially working at the
North Shore Campground in Chester, California.
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