What does it take
to be a camp host?
the collections and treasures that you have acquired
throughout your life, give up the comfort of your home
and live in a much smaller home with your traveling

Living in a motor coach is  the only place you can spend
the day cooking a gourmet meal and then serve it on
paper plates!  You learn plastic wine glasses are great!

OK , now here is where you get to make that lifestyle
change.  If you are looking for adventure,  travel , then
apply to be a camp host or just work in a campground.     
There are many campgrounds throughout the country
where you can apply and either be paid (usually
minimum wage) or  work for your site.  Remember some
sites run anywhere from $400 - $800 a month.  

You can find campground jobs on many sites on the
Internet.  Many states, counties, National Parks and
private campgrounds are looking for people to help out.  
Many advertise on Craig's List, WorkKamper and other

We continually look on Internet sites to find out if
anyone is hiring and if anyplace looks interesting to us.  
We check out their web sites and pictures and then view
some of the remarks by campers who have stayed
there.  If the campground looks interesting to us we may
apply.  We sometimes apply for a few jobs because the
jobs positions get filled very quickly.

Remember that all campgrounds require different things
when you apply.  Some want a resume, drug test, finger
prints and letters of recommendation.

We have heard many people say, "We were going to do
that but one of us got sick and we couldn't".  Don't let
that be you!  
As a camphost  you will be  answering
questions about the sightseeing in the
area as well as good places to eat. It will
benefit you to learn about the area you
selling  firewood, working in the office, or
in the campsites and cleaning  

Most hosts work approximately 20 - 24  
hours a week and  the hosts are provided
with a camp site during their stay.

Your commitment is usually 2-6 months.  
There are places that only require you to
work one (1) month.
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Camphosting page
Our job as a camp host couple is to  
help you make your camping trip an enjoyable and happy experience
over the world.  The part
we love most about camp
hosting is meeting new

We feel that people can tell
if a camp host enjoys what
they are doing by the way
they greet and talk to
them.  Camp hosting is a
job that we truly enjoy and
find it very satisfying,
fulfilling and interesting.

We have met campers that
have looked us up at
another campground that
we were hosting at, just to
say Hi and let us know they
were camping close by.  
When campers search for
us just to say hi, we think
that is a true testament of
our camp hosts abilities.

Our goal, as camp hosts, is
to help each camper enjoy
their stay.  Many campers
have said  they can hardly
wait to get old enough to
retire so they can be camp
hosts and full timers like us.

We love what we are doing
and look forward to many
more years of being a
Camp Host Couple and full
timer RVers.