Our North Shore
This page is about our experiences at  North Shore
The campground is located on highway 36 just East of a
small mountain town called
We are about 75 miles East of Red Bluff off interstate 5 and
we are 120 miles West of Reno, NV.
We will be working here April 21st until around Labor Day .
Lynda is working the in the Country Store  and Danny is
The Managers are Tim and Angie and they are the best.

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On our way to North Shore Campground we had what
could have been a very MAJOR problem.  
The hitch on our coach that tows our Nisson sedan
really broke.
The welds broke on both sides of the hitch.  When we
got to Driftwood RV Park in Los Molinos and went out
to unhitch the car Danny saw the broken hitch hanging
on by very small amounts of metal.  Oh my gosh, it
could have been a disaster if it had completely broke
and the car came unhooked from the coach!  Scares
me just thinking about it.  We had traveled from Tulare
to Los Mollinas, about 400 miles, that day.  Thank
goodness the Lord was looking out for us!
The manager of the park, Jen,  said she knew someone
who might be able to help us.  Jeff  the welder came
over and looked at it, we told him we didn't have much
money, he said OK.
The next day he came to the RV park and welded on  
our hitch.  The hitch has been fixed so good that it will
most definitely outlast the coach!  Thank you Jen and
Jeff - great job!