Lynda and Danny
Our Love Story
Danny emailed me on a Wed. evening. He said my profile looked
interesting to him and had I seen his profile?  I emailed back and
said  "yes".  Actually I had looked at his photo and his profile
more than once but just didn't think we had much in common,
even though " loved walks on the beach" was one thing that we
both liked. Danny emailed me his phone number and said if I ever
wanted to  talk, just give him a call.  After work on Thursday, I sat
in my rocking chair, in my kitchen, my favorite place to just think,
with his number dialed on my cell phone - closed my eyes and hit
SEND. To my surprise he answered immediately and we talked for
about an hour, as if we had known each other for ages.  He asked
me to have lunch the next day.  I said I would but only in a very
public location. We decided on Carl's Jr. on Mooney Blvd. I told
Danny the kind of car I would be in and he told me he would be in
a Jeep Wrangler.  Friday, about 11am,  I told my sister, who
worked in the office with me, that I had a date and would be back
in less than an hour.     

I drove to Carl's Jr., talking to myself all the way, saying "yeah
right this isn't going to amount to anything - oh well it is a free
lunch".  As I parked my Chrysler, I looked in the side mirror and
saw this handsome guy get out of a Jeep Wrangler and walk
towards to my car.  I immediately decided to start my car and drive
away.  But  instead I got out of my car and there he was.  He bent
down and kissed me ever so gently on my cheek.

We walked across the parking lot toward the front door of Carl's
Jr. holding hands.  Just as we got to the door I looked up at
Danny  and he says his heart sank.  He looked down at me and
again gave me a kiss and a wonderful feeling that would last


As we walked in Danny asked me if I wanted something to eat and  
I said "no". We sat in Carl's Jr. for 2 1/2 hours and talked and
looked into each others eyes. We never let go of each others
hands and every once in a while Danny would lean over and kiss
my hands.  WoW - this had never happened before!   

I went back to the office and the first thing Donna asked me was
"Are you going to see him again?" and I said "yes - tonight after
work".  Then Christine said she was going to Taco Bell and get
lunch, and I asked her to pick me up a taco!  They said "You have
been at lunch for 2 1/2 hours, didn't you eat?  "NOPE" I said.

That afternoon, a guy came to the office and delivered 3
carnations in a little vase.  Unkown to me the delivery guy was
Danny's son- in- law Troy.  They were just exactly the kind of
bouquet I liked - small, plain and beautiful.

After work I drove to Carl's Jr. and lo and behold there was
Danny.  I told him to follow me to my house - which he did.  When
we got to the house I showed him around- we talked and talked.  
About 9pm Danny asked me if I was hungry.  Oops, I hadn't gone
to the grocery store.  We jumped in the jeep and headed to the
grocery store.  What a fun trip that was.  It is the only way to
shop.  On every aisle Danny would stop and kiss me.  It was
great.  We bought some groceries and then headed home.  We
cooked something that we bought and spent the night together.  
Sat. morning we went to a car show and then to Rileighs baseball
game.  Danny stayed Sat. night and Sunday morning I leaned over
and said "I love you" and that surprised the heck out of me!  
Hadn't thought about that.  But it truly came from my heart and I
really did mean it!  He said "I love you too", and so began our fairy
tale life.  Sunday I told Danny he had to go back to Springville for
the night.  I had to work Monday morning.  I needed some time to
think about what had just happened in my life.  You know, I was
the one who would say "Been there, done that, ain't going to do
that again", when people would say I needed to find someone.

I followed Danny to Springville, where I had never been before,
and saw his apartment. We talked about my black hills gold rings
and I took my pinky ring off and put it on Danny's little finger and
said "this is my feel good ring'" Then as  we were watching a
movie there was a knock at the door and when Danny answered
it, this woman said, "Have you told her you have a girlfriend?"
and who is she anyway.  Scared the living daylights out of me.
What in the world had I got myself into?  YIKES!!  Her and Danny
had words and she left.  I told Danny I had to leave too. He asked
me if I would come to Springville for dinner Monday night.  I said I
would see him Monday night about  6:30pm after I drove from
work.   I got in my car and drove to Tulare all the time thinking
about Danny and what had happened over the weekend and did I
want this relationship or what.

On Monday night I drove to Springville in a major rain storm.  
Many times I thought I should turn around and go home but I kept
on driving.  I found the apartment complex where Danny lived.  I
was sure he would come out and meet me - but nope, he didn't.  I
got out of my car and kept looking around for that screaming
woman but thank goodness I didn't encounter her.  I found
Danny's apartment and when he opened the door he met me with
a smile and a kiss.  He had dinner for me, but first he played his
guitar and sang to me - "You are my Sunshine".  How romantic is
that.  We ate split pea soup and crackers and looked into each
others eyes. It was so romantic.   It was pouring rain and Danny
said he wished I wouldn't drive home, I could stay with him and
get up early and drive to Tulare before work, but I said "no" I
needed to get home.  I asked him for his T-shirt to take home with
me.  He gave me theT-shirt he had worn the day we met so that I
could feel close to him.  I asked Danny if he would come to Tulare
on Tuesday.  He said he would meet me at my house at 6:00pm.  
As soon as I got to the place out of Springville where I could get
cell phone service I called my best friend Sherry in Bakersfield
and talked to her all the way home.  I was so very happy and
scared.  How could this be happening.

Tuesday I rushed home,  and waited and waited and Danny didn't
show up.  I went outside, looked down the street. Disappointed, I
changed my clothes and was kissing this realationship goodbye.  
I walked outside to look down the street "just one more time" and
I saw his jeep turn the corner.  I ran back inside and changed my
clothes.  Danny came in the back door and when he got to the
kitchen he hugged me and kissed me and I said   "Don't ever
leave me again."  He said "If you really mean that then you need
to have this,"  and he gave me a beautiful black hills gold ring.  
We have been building this beautiful relationship every since.

I never in a million years thought I would meet anyone on the
internet - let alone fall in deep love - but we did.  Up until that
time I had made fun of people who met other people on the
internet.  When you make fun of things and people it usually
come back to bite you in the butt.

As time has gone by and our relationship has become even more
unbelievable we keep falling more in love every day.

Our love story is a true fairy tale story and our plan is to
Life is so NICE
when you are with
your Soul mate.
Danny and Lynda
are truly soul mates
for life
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Boarding the ship at
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