This is the places we
have Hosted over the last
6 years.
We ARE back in Thousand Oaks, Ca.
We are Managing our  Pumpkin and
Tree Lot from
Sept 16 to Dec 30, 2012-2015
Then we are off to see New Frontiers and
Pumpkin lot Oct 2013.

We are the Managers
of our
Pumpkin Lot
We are Managers at our
Christmas tree lot in Thousand Oaks,
Calif. Sept to Dec 2012-2015
Thousand Oaks, Ca.
We hosted here at
Shorewood RV Park.
Feb 15 to August 1st, 2013
Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

Above :  Lynda and Danny at Santa Rosa Campground,  
Carpenteria State Beach. 2008 . Below is the Motor
home that blew the motor March 7th, 2008.  It was a
wonderful mountain and beach home for 8 months!
before it blew up. Read our Mishap page at:
This is a photo of us in
our second season as
camphosts at
Carpenteria State Beach.
This is our 30ft Alfa.
Our first camp host position, the
summer of 2007 at
Lakes area at the East Fork
Campground just down from
Mosquito Flats in Rock Creek
Canyon near Bishop and Toms
Place off highway 395, with an
elevation of 9,000 feet.
Here we are as camp hosts at  
North Beach Campground,
Pismo Beach, CA
This was our 1978 Prowler, 22ft.  
Trailer.  It served us well as we began
our camp host position in
Pismo Beach.  It was an experience
going from 34 foot to 22 feet.  We kept
remembering "at least it was NOT a tent
and we were inside and off the ground"!
We hosted in Morro Bay,
Calif. 2009
RV and Theme Park
We Hosted here
May 15 thru Sept. 05th
This page is about our experiences at  North Shore
The campground is located on highway 36 just East of a
small mountain town called
We are about 75 miles East of Red Bluff off interstate 5 and
we are 120 miles West of Reno, NV.
We will be working here April 21st until around Labor Day .
Lynda is working the in the Country Store  and Danny is
The Managers are Tim and Angie and they are the best.

Click on a photo to enlarge it.
Danny and Lynda and The
Rangers of Morro Bay, ca
Danny and Lynda with
Ranger Scotty
Our Game area at
the Pumpkin lot
A few faces of our
Petting Zoo.
Our Bungie Jump on
our Pumpkin Lot
Pumpkin Lot jump house, slide and
game tents.
A few Hundred Pumkins at our
Pumkin Lot in Thousand Oaks,
Lynda built a fireplace with Grandma
enjoying the flame. it is built using
empy boxes, white paper and red
Click on a photo to Enlarge it.
This is our Christmas Kiosk for